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Registered under the company SJ Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd, Polarity Smart Bikes is an electric vehicle brand built by a team of highly motivated and dynamic individuals to solve everyday mobility problems for Indians using innovative and practical solutions. After years of experience in the automotive industry and research on future trends, we identified a range of battery-operated electric bikes that are unconfined to charging infrastructure as the first set of products to launch in the Indian market.


Polarity has developed unique, low cost, state-of-the-art electric transportation vehicles to provide emission-free transportation. This product is designed to boost sluggish demand for EVs that current electric two-wheelers aren’t able to achieve by reducing the weight of the product and adding convenience. The product in its best configuration can achieve high speeds of 100kmph and travel a range of 80km on a full charge. It also benefits from the increased range with the availability of a pedal to go further when the electric vehicle’s battery is completely discharged. This solves the most important handicap for EVs – range anxiety. All bikes will come with regular cable charging for convenience when on the move as well as a detachable design that’s portable to easily charge anywhere indoors, whether it’s your home or office. With charging time of less than two hours and an effective range of more than the daily commute, this is India’s first such electric vehicle that has the potential to be widely accepted.


The company’s target is to redefine mobility in cities. Times have changed and with that, personalization and identity have become important factors in motoring purchases. Whether it’s college students, high school students, technology enthusiasts, or corporates, a fresh take on motoring is the need of the hour for the current generation of environmentally conscious individuals. Even in tourism, educational campuses, delivery networks and more, a low cost, emission-free transportation solution adds value to the companies availing it.

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Polarity has been widely covered by mainstream and automotive publications across the