We love your enthusiasm. The vehicles though haven't been launched yet. We unveiled our prototypes late last year and are taking pre-bookings on our website. The lucky lot who book them now get deliveries as soon as the bikes are launched this year.
As of now, we are only accepting pre-orders online. Sales haven't started. The nominal refundable amount of Rs 1,001 is only taken to confirm interest in your particular model. Once the vehicle sales start, our team will connect with you with finance options and sales procedures.
Once you have completed the pre-booking, you will receive a payment receipt and also an email confirmation on your booking. The process could take up to three days in case of weekend holidays however we are speeding up the process.
You can buy as many as you want. More EVs on our roads is the need of the hour. (We like good sales numbers too)
You will need a 2W license. All our vehicles will come with registration plates and is only for those who have a driving license.
Send us a mail on info@polarity.in. We have seen a lot of demand from across the country and will open to new markets based on demand in these cities. Your mails helps us estimate demand better.
Polarity is developing lightweight electric vehicles that will require smaller batteries to perform on par if not better than other EVs in the market. Charging times will be under 4 hours and with our fast chargers, expect sub-2-hour charging times
We want range anxiety to be a thing of the past. Our EVs will give a minimum range of 80km however, theoretically you could. stretch it to as much as you can pedal. Pedal assistance reduces effort to pedal yet we don't want you to sweat it out on your way to work. the pedals are only there as a backup in the rare situation when your battery is completely discharged and you haven't reached your destination.
You will considerably reduce your carbon footprint. The big difference is in the weight of the vehicle, almost half of other 2W EVs in the market. Buying any EV will reduce your carbon footprint though. We certainly hope its a Polarity
It depends on the size of the battery and the rate at which it is charged. Usually, 5-10Amp charging is recommended for good battery life.
Yes, you can. We encourage to pedal our bikes as fitness in our sedentary lifestyles is essential.
Not unless you want to. The pedals only act as a backup to situations when the battery is completely discharged or when you want to get fitter.